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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A whole new level

so today sunday we had our 7th floor dedication, for our new classroom floor which we use for bible studys and other this floor was being build I had to help out building file cabinets and putting front office desks together...also yesturday(saturday) I helped out with worship almost all day. every saturday we go give groceries to people who live in bad areas and at the site im at we get to do a couple worship songs, just on a side walk. but after we did the guy who leads worship my good friend benny, asked if I could help out with worship at the church, the church small groups were getting together to have a day of fast and we got to end the day by leading worship, and I tell you God was moving, we started the worship at 2 and we didnt finish till like 6. we played for 4 hours! and people were getting filled with the holy spirit it was awesome!...lastly back to earlyer when I helped with worship the first time, there was family we help out there that was in need, they were about to have a baby but there house was horrible they didnt even have much food or a good place to sleep in there apt. so before we even got there we prayed that God would provide and then of course I realize I have an extra blanket, which I ultimately gave to them because they needed it more than I did. so now all im left with is a small blanket my Great Grandma made me(its like half my size, she made it for me when I was like 10). I gave away my good blanket because it was bigger and better and I thought it could help them more. so far I havent felt cold because I know God saw my deed and he keeps me warm.

Monday, January 10, 2011

so its been awhile sense ive last posted, I was on break for 2 weeks and now im back, there have been alot of great things going on here in La. I couple of new things is were doing alot of music out, its awesome to see the people we have getting involved, it puts a joy on there face to see these them and us comming together in Christ making music...The college is starting next week on top of our busy ministry schedule so it will be good not only being able to serve but to learn about the bible of college professors. the thing I like best about it is, everything we have done so far will not be lost, nothing we have done will get cut because of the college, we still get to do the ministry with the college on top of that. God is really good. we also had 20 new students come in for the first ever January class and its amazing to meet more believers in Christ. God is doing great things...lastly because we have 20 new students me and 4 other guys had to build all there bunk beds and paint everything on there floor which is the 3rd floor. It took 3 days working most the day and it was a ton of work but we had to get it done for the new students to feel welcome and at home and also so they can have a room with a bed and basic needs.