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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers day Ministry!!!!

So its been a long long long time, sense the last update so I thought I would share with you guys what has been going on. Things have been going good, I have been really busy but God has been doing his work. Just recently me and a couple people in my program went to help a ministry apart of the dream center called "Red Eye" where they focus on humanitarian acts in the community. So for mothers day we went out to skid row aka heroin ally. we went there and set up tables and we brought in people apart of the ministry called red eye and they brought all there make up kits and women on skid row got to have a make over where they got there nails done and everything. we also handed out free clothes to keep, and at the end they got to take a picture behind a black background, almost like there on a red carpet. and on the black background there are words that say "I am" and when the women would go to take there picture they hold up a sign that saids "Loved" or beautiful" so it would say "I am loved" or "I am Beautiful" and we would print the pictures right there. and give it to them. You could see a big joy on there face, because no one would ever give them the time of day let alone even have a full on conversation with them while they get to get a make over. during the whole event we handed out food and water and it was an amazing thing to see. I even got to pray for a lady who was having financial trouble. So many lives got touched...I only have 2 months left in this program yet everyday is a new experience for me. As my time is winding down here in La I am reminded of what Billy Graham once said on tv "I know not what the future holds, But I know who holds the future"

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