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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A whole new level

so today sunday we had our 7th floor dedication, for our new classroom floor which we use for bible studys and other this floor was being build I had to help out building file cabinets and putting front office desks together...also yesturday(saturday) I helped out with worship almost all day. every saturday we go give groceries to people who live in bad areas and at the site im at we get to do a couple worship songs, just on a side walk. but after we did the guy who leads worship my good friend benny, asked if I could help out with worship at the church, the church small groups were getting together to have a day of fast and we got to end the day by leading worship, and I tell you God was moving, we started the worship at 2 and we didnt finish till like 6. we played for 4 hours! and people were getting filled with the holy spirit it was awesome!...lastly back to earlyer when I helped with worship the first time, there was family we help out there that was in need, they were about to have a baby but there house was horrible they didnt even have much food or a good place to sleep in there apt. so before we even got there we prayed that God would provide and then of course I realize I have an extra blanket, which I ultimately gave to them because they needed it more than I did. so now all im left with is a small blanket my Great Grandma made me(its like half my size, she made it for me when I was like 10). I gave away my good blanket because it was bigger and better and I thought it could help them more. so far I havent felt cold because I know God saw my deed and he keeps me warm.

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