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Monday, January 10, 2011

so its been awhile sense ive last posted, I was on break for 2 weeks and now im back, there have been alot of great things going on here in La. I couple of new things is were doing alot of music out, its awesome to see the people we have getting involved, it puts a joy on there face to see these them and us comming together in Christ making music...The college is starting next week on top of our busy ministry schedule so it will be good not only being able to serve but to learn about the bible of college professors. the thing I like best about it is, everything we have done so far will not be lost, nothing we have done will get cut because of the college, we still get to do the ministry with the college on top of that. God is really good. we also had 20 new students come in for the first ever January class and its amazing to meet more believers in Christ. God is doing great things...lastly because we have 20 new students me and 4 other guys had to build all there bunk beds and paint everything on there floor which is the 3rd floor. It took 3 days working most the day and it was a ton of work but we had to get it done for the new students to feel welcome and at home and also so they can have a room with a bed and basic needs.

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