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Friday, December 10, 2010

NEW seasons upon

as I've been here over 2 months(sense oct 1st.) I have been back to the valley for various things and thanksgiving and over nighters(sunday night-monday night) because we get mondays off... but after Christmas break the 19th-3rd that will be my last major break minus the overnighters from time to for the last 6-7 months I will not be that the Christmas season is upon us, we are doing a big Christmas giveaway where we will be giving FREE bikes to families in our foster care program and to families who wouldnt be able to afford presents for there kids this year, this is a season of holiday and good cheer and some of these kids/youth can't have that because there families are broken in single family homes or in low income families and were here to spread the love Christ along with some holiday cheer. I know I love this time of year, and as I get older I tend to less and less want material things, when I was a kid I wanted everything now I dont even care I just want to spread the good word of Christ, while maybe getting a small gift or to doesent hurt. I think here at the church they are really good at providing the needs of the people even in this economy, and im just thankful to be apart of everything thats going on here.

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