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Friday, December 3, 2010

Need a Helping Hand?

so today(friday) went out with the mobile food truck ministry where we bag and hand out groceries to the people in different areas. today we went to a place called 5th and union. after we bagged the food and other people were handing it out we got to pray with the people after they got there food. and most the time they would say "thank you" and walk away which makes no sense, like "would you like prayer for anything"...."thank you" as there walking away...but there was some people we got to pray with. we actually got to meet a guy who had arthritis and it was really bothering him so when we asked to pray with him he prayed with us and after he said he needed help with the food we just gave him so I helped him walk into his gated apartment complex, and we got to talking on just life, hes a lakers fan and hes a artist and draws alot. He has a passion to be in the sports industry...after alittle while he told me he was going to have surgery next week for his arthritis and he didnt want prayer again but was thankful that we helped him out and just in his mind went to great lengths to do it(even though he only lived right across the street) the guy said he knows alot of the people at the church and will try his best to come on sunday. God is good, even in just something so simple God can do amazing things. thank you all for your support with out VCA I dont know where i would be thank you everybody.

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