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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

so today(wensday) we went out to Mac Arther park where we gave out free waters to the people. it was really cool. something as simple as water can make someone's day. it was great to go out there...we were also handing out fliers for our big turkey give away the 20th, we will be giving out over 2000 turkeys and the side dishes to go with it...Also yestuday we went to the same place Mac Arther park where for our track(dream center teack) we go out and sent up 2 two tables and serve the people food, a hot meal, every time we get there they know were comming so theres a line already, we had alot of short term missionaries there so they got to feed the people and the movement group(6 of us) got to go just talk to the people and tell them theres a hot meal and just talk to them, we got to talk to people who were looking for a church and we got to invite them and pray for them, overall we prayed for like 5 people...before we left we saw a homeless guy sitting a chess table by himself with a chess board and me and my buddy were like lets go over there and talk to him and we ended up playing him in chess(which im OK at, i know all the rules and the peices and stuff...) before we left we got to hand him a flier for our turkey give away and next week were going to go back and hopfully have a chance to play this man in chess again and be able to spread the love God through simple board games and fellowship...GOD IS thing you guys could pray for is the turkey give away that people will come to meet Jesus through our acts of love, and pray that we raise all the money we need to do this, its alot of money but every prayer doesent go unanswered so PRAY...
love you guys!!!!!!!!

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