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Thursday, November 11, 2010


so last night(wensday night) we decided to go evangelising...we go on mondays on our day off but today we decided to go, are day ended early so we decided to go and it was cool. everytime we take the bus to the mall but then last night we missed the 730 bus and we would had to wait till 8 and the mall closes at 9 so we just walked around, and it was crazy because me and my friend matt saw these 2 people outside a karate dojo type thing waiting for there little sister to get out of practice and we went to talk to them and we start off by giving this survey of love and beliefs which by the third question were into God already(we do this because more people are open to take a survey then they are if we were to go up and say do you know Jesus?...) but by the 4th question one of the people this 18 year old girl was crying and she said she knows God but doesent go to church anymore and that she wants to go all out for him, it was awesome we got to pray for those 2 people and they said they would come to church! all in all it was like a 45 minute conversation it was good...then as we were going home some of our friends who were with us were evangelising to this 17 year old girl who had been abused many times and was having a hard time in life, she was alittle drunk but they got to talk to her for over an hour and they even gave her a ride home and God was moving...I tell you we only had 7 or 8 people(not to put that number down) so many people said they werent feeling it today or they were busy and when we asked with what they said they were tired like people keep making excuses for themselves but I know this is what were called to do is go out and evangelise and tell people, i know at vca Greg anbd Scott kinda run it and they go on thursdays so everyone talk to them and go do you JOB! and not because you have to but because God saved you so go share that with people!

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