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Friday, November 5, 2010

Stepping up

so its been a couple days and alot of good things have been going on but alot of BAD things have been going on also. let me start with the bad...I would say 95 percent of the program is awesome we have worship and prayer everyday if not multipule times a day and the whole program is just amazing but theres a few things im not big on that just bug me, BUG ME ALOT. the last day or 2 ive been really mad and i know sometimes its ok to be alittle mad, its human nature and as long as we dont cross the line when were mad then its ok. alot of leaders and people here think its ok to listen music that is disrespectful to Jesus(they would never call it that...), music that may cuss and/or speak against the bible, things WE WOULD NEVER DO but they make it seem like its ok to listen to. they say it depends on the person, when it doesent when we accept Jesus we are made new the old is gone and when we listen to horrible music its like going back to our rotten corpse, God is our father and we let this horrible music beat him up and spit on him and we become friends with that music that kills the father right in the heart,we do it by bumbing that in are cars and ipods. its a struggle they have(not that im Mr.Perfect...) that im not going to give up on yet, thats the only major thing bad i have to say everything else is just personal on the bright side there were alot of good things happening here, wensday our day ended early at 3 and rather then chill and rest, they needed guys to help assemble desks and file cabnets so it ended being me and 3 other guys and we spent over 3 hours doing it all for the new classroom floor and all of course for Jesus... also sense thursday(2 days ago) they started funraising for the bug turkey giveaway where we give a couple thousand meals on the 20th so people can make them and have something to eat for thanksgiving, and sense i am so entergetic and crazy The Movement Leadership have decided to make me the Turkey man where i dress up in a turkey suit at all the services(3 a week) and various things throughout until the 20th to raise money for the Turkey Giveaway, so far we have raise an ok amount of money but i know God's gonna shake this place and people will be fed... the best think that happened so far was that we went to evangelize monday at the mall and we invited someone to church just like we always would and it turned out thursday we had our midweek bible study and each week we have a guess speaker and we always end in a alter call and we found out the guy came to the alter and accepted GOD! praise the lord!

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