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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Monday on our day off we decided to go evangelize to people at the mall, so me and 6 other guys prayed together and had communion before we left then we to the mall on a bus. when we got there we split of in 2 groups of 2 and the other 3 stayed at a table in the food court praying. we would go around giving a survey about "love and beliefs" rather then flat out tell them we preaching Jesus we give a survey more people are willing to talk in a survey form. it went really well a couple people were crying by the end and we got to pray with people it was awesome so from then we decided to go every monday we can. I think God blesses it because were going on our own time our only day off... Also every saturday we have Adopt A Block where we go out to different community's and give groceries and toys to the kids and comming up next saturday is Adopt A Block Gigantic where we give out over a 1000 water bottles and 1000 lolli pops to the kids just out of kindness and if anyone would like to go you can call/text me. every saturday is open to the public to come help out... and on the 20th there doing a Turkey Give Away, and im telling you now it just amazes me how much food they get for this stuff, God is really moving in the Dream Center, I thank you for the support keep praying...

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