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Saturday, October 9, 2010

just did Adopt A block again today but today it was at my new permanent site, so I will be here almost every saturday for the next 10 months. This place was alot smaller then the one I went to last week but its good, we start off by going door to door at these apartments and hand out fliers to the church and tell them theres free food right outside the apartment but most of the parents just send there kids out, they dont want to come out but some do come out. but its fun the kids come out and we just play with them and care for them just throwing the football around something as simple as that makes a kids day, and today after 2 years of knocking on this mans door he finally came out and wants to go to church tomorrow! God is good! we did worship also just in the apartment place and I played drums on a cardboard box they had and God moved in this place we also got to pray for everyone including a person who has cancer and there is 4 people going to church tomorrow!...


  1. Im glad you didnt yell at the kids, at tell the they had to side with you or the were wrong lol! It awmazing what your doing out there. Good job, your in my prayes.

  2. good job marky! way to serve with what you have!

  3. You are tremendously blessed. And through your blessed gifts, God has paved a way for you out there in LA. Blessings to you always and forever!