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Monday, October 11, 2010

Every Man's Last Prayer

so if you didnt know I wasent the only one from VCA to get accepted into the movement Noe Granados was also, and up until today he told them he wasent coming but for the last 3-4 days I had been at prayer constantly praying he should be here, the movement prays for each application meaning that GOD tells them yes like as in your accepted knowing at that point alone he should be hear but tonight was the last night for anybody to be here and I started prayer teams at the movement and called people at VCA, and it got to the point where it wasent "I would like him, to be here" or "I hope he comes" it got to the point after so many signs and wonders that I KNEW HE IS MEANT TO BE HERE. And nothing was going to stop me, so during my free time i was at constant worship and prayer, and as of tonight he was packing is packs and is joining The Movement, just hours short of being to late he is going to make it...And at a meeting we had the other day for The Movement they said everyone has a last prayer, some make an impact and some don't but everyone gets a last prayer, and mine did make an impact, Noe is comming to The Movement! so my words to you is never give up no matter how bad you think you have it or how bad a situation is never give up, just think right now of something that maybe you stopped praying for and have forgotten about and PRAY AGAIN. nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. EVERY MAN HAS THERE LAST PRAYER!

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  1. i had to realize a lot of things in this past week while i was in prayer and in the lords presence. God sacrificed his son Jesus Christ and we in return would go on about our days without sacrificing anything. He sacrificed His comfort, His life for you and me! Noe is great. It was hard watching him drive away but i know that anything my brother does is for the Lord our God and that it will only further the Gods Kingdom.

    I love you guys! I'm always praying for you. And thank you for making a blogging website.