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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ive been Busy!

Its been 5 days or so sense my last post. seems like forever. Right now were still in the process of getting into the full swing of things, but we have been busy. We have started our tracks as they call it or ministries I guess you can say. What I am doing is the Dream Center Track where on Tuesday we do "under the bridge" where we go to skid row and other places and feed the poor and/or homeless a Hot meal and friday's we deliver groceries to peoples houses in poor communities. So this last Tuesday we didnt have any hot food but we had banana's so we walked with a box of banana's just handing them out to people who wanted them on skid row and passing out tracks to people...I tell you theres some CRAZY people on skid row. But God is good we got to pray for about 8 people in the 45minutes we were out there and it was awesome. As the days go on we are getting more busy with classes and bible studies and in January we start the actual school, which you get college credits for and you get a certificate of ministry also with the diploma at the end of the year, they are also doing a 2nd class that starts in January and If anyone is interested go to and apply now!... so I will try to keep in touch alot but it wont be everyday like I have been doing, keep me in your prayers!

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