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Thursday, October 7, 2010


So this like I said in the last blog is orientation week, but after last night we got free time and just in the hall way me and 40 other people just starting worshiping God. this brought his guitar and it started with 2-3 people then we ended with close to 40, and I came out and brought my camera and it was awesome. we went for over an hour until it got to be quiet time at 10pm so they told us to stop but we were all crowded in the cafe then got kicked out for being to loud so we went into a smaller hallway and just worshiped God and it was amazing, Even this morning we had an extended time of worship and we towards the end people if they wanted got to go up on stage and share something that they gave up on or that they just thought was impossible and people went up and shared everyone was crying and it motivated everyone to just KEEP PRAYING no matter how long it has been KEEP PRAYING. Starting next week we will be about 2/3 into the swing of things, into or normal crazy schedule then in 2 weeks we will start our days around 6am and end around 7pm. and all day were worshiping and hearing sermons but even in our free time its all GOOD FELLOWSHIP and when were not at the dream center were serving! praise the Lord...anyways if you want to send me anything at all you can send it 2 : Mark Brattrud, The Movement,2301 bellevue ave. Los Angeles Ca 90026


  1. We sure appreciate your blogs. I copy them and put them up at Church for the older folks. They enjoy reading them. Praying for you.

  2. i will write to you one day :) I'm praying for you and your amazing walk with the Lord. This makes my heart glad reading about your day.