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Monday, October 4, 2010

NEW Beginnings

so today was like the start of our orientation week, where we start to learn the ins and outs of the program and when were doing what, and were learning our schedules. sunday-friday breakfast is from 630-730am so thats really when the day starts its optional but for me I have to have breakfast. and ALL days will end around 6 or 7pm...As i have found out my schedule I have found out we get mondays off( if you would like to visit anybody!)...But anyways we started are day with worship and prayer for about almost 2 hours. this will be a daily thing every morning after breakfast from 9-1030ish we will be worshiping with a live band after that going into prayer with music from an ipod. Today was the first day we did it but it was amazing. Then TONIGHT we had anther worship session along with clips from the passion of the christ which led into an alter call and after we had communion which was awesome...God is moving in this place as we start to reach higher and higher for him, and when we think we can cant go any higher we go out and serve the people in any which way possible that just impacts our lives just as much as it does theres... so thank you guys for reading and KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS,


  1. that is awesome!!
    so on your days off are you allowed to leave the campus? or do you have to stay there? we will definitely visit, tell us when you have time. i know you're popular!

  2. Everyone misses you. We are so proud of you. We check your blog a couple times a day hoping to catch a glimpse of your day. Your in our prayers. Love you.

  3. we have church sunday 9 and 11 then after that we can go where ever the heck we want as long as were back by 8am tuesday at the church because thats when are week starts, they will discipline us if were late which sucks bad...ummm the only thing is if someone were to come by to visit and they were to spend the night i would have to fill out a form(which i'd rather not do)...

  4. Saturday night wasn't the same last week when there was no Mark Edward around - no one to greet us from the shadows of the sanctuary as we arrived @ 4 pm, no shared prayer time with you before worship practice, no cangas!!! thankfully, Sharon Jauregui was willing to do the power point for the songs but other than that it sat sadly unused during the sermon - that quiet, empty screen screamed "Mark Edward is gone!" We miss your presence, miss your heart, miss you!!!

  5. awww marky! you are terribly missed! I'm really glad i got to spend some time with and around you a couple weeks back. It was a lot of fun! Let's skype when you have the chance to. I'm really excited because julia and i are planning to see you guys out there real soon! :)) Have another great and eventful week Mark!