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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Champions Week

LONGEST BLOG YET, SO SORRY BUT SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!So Tuesday was the start of "Champions Week" where the leaders wake us up super late at night and we do a bunch of stuff all night and day. So monday night(tuesday morning) we got woken up at 3 am and we had to do a bunch of various things but the main thing was at 6am where we were blind folded and we had to get through a maze, we had like a shoe lace tied onto our jeans which was connected to a metal clip on which was hooked to the rope(the maze) when you got to a cross in the ropes or ran into someone you would have to unhook and carfully rehook back on. it went for 4 hours then we went to lunch and after lunch it went anther 2 hours. and the whole time they said "Details Matter" all before we started thats all they said. During the maze if you thought you were at "the end" you would raise your hand(remember your blind folded) if your not at the end you can ask questions and the leaders would always say if you need help with anything let us in the end there was no finish line alls you had to do was ask to be taken to the finish line and you got there. it took me a total of 4 hours! it was to show sometimes its as easy as just asking for help sometimes its as easy as just crying out to God and worshiping him...then last night we got woken up at 330am and we had to go to the gym and we were left in 12 lines with the lights off so little light, with a cd playing for worship and all the leaders left the room and they re-played the same song like 7times at first no one worshiped then by the last time we were worshipping. it was to show no matter whats playing even if its the same song no ones heard of over and over again we need to worship. the song was also about Gods love so they wanted us to remember that also. After that we went to the same place where we did the maze and its basically a big hill and everyone started at the bottom of the hill, and what we had to do this time was up to 3 people had to carry 1 person up the hill then the 3 people went back down the hill until all the guys got the guys up the hill and all the girls got the girls up the hill, if someone fell EVERYONE had to start over, it took like 5 hours before we stopped completely and it was to show that everyone has ideas but sometimes we need to let go of them for the sake of the team, we need to learn that we cant do everything on our own and that we cant be prideful, sometimes we just have to accept other people are right...LAST BUT NOT LEASED(I know this blog is long...) after that the best part was this we got to walk 5miles to Hollywood where when we got there we had to go to the main street where you can walk on the "stars" and when we got there we split up half and half on both sides of the street and each student got on a star and when the time was right we all knelt down and just worshiped and prayed for 10minutes in front of everyone walking by. we prayed for the city and the church and everyone walking by and it was amazing. so many spectators took pictures and videos and people even cussed us out and thought we were crazy but it was so worth it. God is moving in La...a guy from the movement brought the churches camera because hes the media guy for the movement and every year they do this and they make a video so hopefully in the near future I will have a video of it up!but over all we walked 10miles just so we can pray and worship for 10minutes but it was totally worth it!...sorry this blog was long...MISS YOU ALL!